The Team

Here are some of the social highlights from our lab outings over 2021.

The Histology Lab

Here’s Jenna and Olivia loving their histology lives!

St. Patrick’s Day 2022 bunting

Shamrock bunting (with additional hot-cross buns) in the lab to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

ENCALS meeting 2019, Tours, France

Jenna presenting our work looking at the expression of the chaperone clusterin in post-mortem tissue from people with ALS – in the Vinci International Congress Centre. Some fantastic food and wine also, in the gateway city to the Loire valley!

MNDA 29th International Symposium on ALS/MND 2018, Glasgow

Jenna presenting our work performing spatial sequencing on deeply phenotyped post-mortem tissue! A great meeting where over 1,200 delegates attended to hear about progress in research on a number of topics including defining ALS/MND, technology, emerging tissue markers, and clinical support and quality of life.

Paper celebrations

Sep 2022. Lab night out to celebrate our recent paper. Tapas and a celebratory glass of Pedro Ximenez – great fun!

The Lab

Our molecular lab is based in the Institute of Medical Sciences, Aberdeen. This is where the magic happens!

Edinburgh Neuroscience Meeting, 2022

Olivia had a great time presenting her poster at this meeting. Lots of stimulating questions and a great opportunity to chat science!

Picpoul & chips!

Picpoul and chips is our lab tradition for celebrating papers that have been accepted – here we are celebrating our recent paper.

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